Reworked Fuel Cistern by SCS

-Tested 1.30.xx
-Ai traffic
-Advanced coupling
-Animation brace

-SCS Software


8 thoughts on “Reworked Fuel Cistern by SCS

  1. Cool de l’avoir remis l’ami je le kif trop.

  2. sheppardpat47

    Merci beaucoup pour l’update!

  3. The_Ulas_7

    i habe an question. Fan i edit an upload this Trailer?

    Greating from germany

  4. matdom1988

    No reupload trailer.
    you can add skins to this trailer without having to take back the trailer.
    You can add skins and put my trailer download link and say that your skins are compatible with mod mod.

    1. The_Ulas_7

      Ok, but i Font know how to male an Ski without trailer :/ van you maybe Fell me it


    2. The_Ulas_7

      Ok, but i dont know how to make an Skin without trailer :/ can you maybe tell me it how to male it or can you Send me an yt link


  5. hey i’m new on this, can u tell me where i add these files that i downloaded , for which folder ?

    1. C:\Users\FA\Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2\mod

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