Ris Logistic skin


Skin maded for Ohaha Volvo fh16 v13.9r

Alexandar _Lone_wolf


3 thoughts on “Ris Logistic skin

  1. Nice!
    Ciao lone wolf wanted to ask you have to upgrade wheels volvo 9r?
    I change the wheels when I crash the game
    I think ohaha did not update version 1.18.xx
    give me an answer !!
    sorry for the incorrect English

  2. alexandar_lone_wolf

    Zoso i use wheels from scania v4 mod

    1. ciao lone wolf thanks for reply
      I understand you do not have wheels with old problem
      I have the problem with the new wheels when I change tires crash the game.
      Thank you my friend you are very kind
      Ciao ciao

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