RO Map Add-On v 2.7

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New in v 2.7 version:
– Bugs have been resolved in Szeged, Oradea
– New items were added in Oradea, Resita and Caransebes
– New road between Resita-Caransebes, Resita-Lugoj
– New motorway Szeged to Budapest
– New models created by andu
– New signs
– Coils were changed Timisoara Resita

Author: Traian


40 thoughts on “RO Map Add-On v 2.7

  1. its possible to attach this map on tsm map? would be great….

    1. It is compatible with TSM

  2. renaulthater

    is this compatible with romania map 4.7+DLC?

  3. renaulthater

    is this compatible with romania map 4.7+dlc

  4. Compatible promod 1.5, poland rebuilding, italymap, ro-map
        many cities opened by four maps and no error

  5. but its all map or only add-on for romania map ?

    1. Add-on

  6. is this compatible with the promods map?

  7. is this compatible with promods?

    1. yes. and you can join poland rebuilding map, more italy map

      1. thank you

  8. Why so many updates,so fast,one after another.Just got 2.6 yesterday and now is already 2.7.

  9. Am ajuns in Resita! 🙂

    1. Super tare !
      Daca ai stii cat l-am asteptat …

  10. I have a question,
    I have tried a few times today to use this map add on. When I try to open it with 7zip I get an error saying could not open .rar archive but I had no trouble installing 2.6 yesterday
    Any ideas?
    Thanks in advance,

    1. Some dude

      The new link Traian posted below works so use that if you haven’t done so already. When extracting you might still get an error (at least I do) but it actually works so just let it finish.

      1. thanks Some Dude,
        Worked great

  11. Обновил 2.7 вылетает при запуске

  12. Eren KEMER

    I got same error message too..Please fix it.

    1. The mod needs promods 1.52 as well. Without it the game crashes. Is this something you intended or is it some kind of bug?

      1. Some kind of bug…

  13. DrunkDriver

    I want to try map of Romania,but I am a little confused
    with these add-ons.Do I need all of them,or just the last one?

    1. Some dude

      Just the latest version, which is this one. I think it will reset your location when adding it so if you have a job that you really want to finish be sure to do that first.

  14. С новой ССЫЛКИ тоже вылетает при запуске

  15. DrunkDriver

    Thanks Some dude.I`m trying it for the first time.

  16. DrunkDriver

    Without add-ons game works fine.Any add-on I try crashes the game during loading.My ETS is s

    1. You need Promods 1.52 and DLC East!


    1. ia-ti dlc si promods 1.52 si o sa mearga

  18. When I try to open It with winzip I cant beacuse It says its not a archive.Any help?

  19. DrunkDriver

    Use winrar.I never had any problems with it.

  20. Почему 2.6 на карте TSM идёт отлично,а 2.7 вылетает при загрузке.

  21. LegoLeipig

    Das ist nicht TSM aber der Rest stimmt. Diese Karte stürzt tatsächlich immer ab.
    That is not TSM but the rest is true. This card actually keeps crashing.

  22. Welcome to got itself this map pops up an error Archive has the wrong format or is damaged can someone litter the correct file to this map

  23. Ошибку исправит или нет

  24. all my friends, please help me
    How do I install, I cba to use WinZip can not,
    I try to use winrar can not,
    I also try to use 7zip can not too. please help, thank you

  25. ru asking how install the mod just download it then use winrar to extract it look in folder for scs file then drop it your eurotruck folder in the mods folder and enable in profile i did and works ok for me

  26. download version 2.8 ok and it works with promods map and going east dlc

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