Ro Map Add-On v 3.7.4


New in this version:
– New road near Oradea
– Added compatibility with TSM and RusMap

Author: Traian


41 Responses to Ro Map Add-On v 3.7.4

  1. eli yab says:

    thank you!
    it works with ProMods 1.8 too?

  2. ramses says:

    este compatibila si cu Promods+RusMap?

  3. Traian says:

    Hello, at the moment isn’t compatibile with ProMods or Poland Rebuilding.

  4. alexandrusava93 says:

    Salut Traian !
    Putem vorbi in privat ? afaceri ca sa zic asa .

    Contact :

    Doar iti spun ce am de spus . nu te stresez cu intrebari despre cum se face o harta , stai linistit .

  5. Theosz says:

    is it compatible with MHA Pro Europe?

  6. melios says:

    Nice but i have TSM 5.3 +Rus Map V1.4 and when i want to select cargo,the game crach!!!!!!
    Any idea about this?

  7. OneBlood says:

    Hi, Traian are you planning compatibility mod with ProMods 1.8 + Rus Map? It would be great i like your roads πŸ™‚

  8. Traian says:

    Works with MHA, too!

  9. Gabriel says:

    Salutare Traian,nu gasesc nici o oferta spre Romania oare de ce?nu am alte harti doar DLC-ul oficial go est.

    • Traian... says:

      In ce oras esti ?
      Vin-o cu camionul prorpiu in RO.

    • Traian says:

      In ce oras esti ?
      Vin-o cu camionul prorpiu in RO.

  10. sat_komando says:

    Hi Traian Do you have plans to add new cities in the new update like you have post on 3.7.2 Russe(BG), Sebes(RO), Alba Iulia(RO), Giurgiu(RO), Buzau(RO) and how is going on πŸ™‚

    • Traian says:

      In the future i will add them.

    • Traian says:

      A friend of mine will make the Bulgaria country , and i will add it next to Romania.

      • sat_komando says:

        Oh man that will be so cool I appreciate your work I hope your projects will become true because the balkans miss so much in EU and TruckSim map I hope in future moders to add countries like Serbia, Macedonia, Turkey etc and the balkans to be full Can you keep us updated for the bulgarian project and if you can post some information for this

  11. Bozo says:

    The correct sequence of loading map:

    1. RoMap 3.7.4
    2. TSM 5.3
    3. RusMap 1.4

  12. Dawid says:

    Hi Traian, when i use this mod, some roads from TSM disapearing. I tried different sequence of loading but none was good.

  13. radu says:

    vezi ca nu ai legat orasele

  14. KGandhi says:

    good map ….but scenery needs some polishing trees are very less and there are gaps on roads and world problems fantastic but requires a lot polishing and scenery needs a upgrade..anyways keep going good work:)

    • Traian says:

      I want to make the map as realistic as possible, there are very less in Romania…

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