Road Atlas Map Background v 1.1 for Vanilla + TSM or ProMods + Rusmap + Russia Open Spaces

Road-Atlas-Map-Background-2 Road-Atlas-Map-Background-3 Road-Atlas-Map-Background-1

This mod changes road atlas background. I made this map background using various Europe maps, and had to adjust Russian teritory to fit ROS map. Hope you like it. If you have any ideas how to improve something, feel free to comment. game_data.sii included. Feel free to reupload, but please give me credits. Please give this mod higher priority than your map mods.

Version 1.1:
* Added Iceland and Scandinavian countries changed to fit ProMods cities. Now compatible with both tsm 6.2 and promods 2.0.

Tested on 1.22

Author: Bojchi04


10 Responses to Road Atlas Map Background v 1.1 for Vanilla + TSM or ProMods + Rusmap + Russia Open Spaces

  1. Nobbi says:

    could it be possible to to include also the EAA Map ??

    • Bojchi04 says:

      I dont know. I havent used EAA map yet but I’ll try to do it. I’ll keep you updated here

      • Nobbi says:

        Thank you for your fast response.
        Ihope you can do it……

        • Bojchi04 says:

          The EEA map background will soon be uploaded. I hope maybe tomorrow ;D

  2. Borys Butsevych says:

    Draw for Brazil 3.1 please for TSM-RusMap-ROS

  3. niknor2017 says:

    но пожалуйста, дайте мне кредиты. Как Вам дать кредиты о которых Вы просите? Или же это за реальные деньги?

    • Bojchi04 says:

      No, nothing that involves moneyl, I just dont want you to reupload/change in a way of putting yourself as the author of the mod. If you reupload it to other sites it has to be free and I want you to put me as the author of this mod

  4. Tonggu says:

    Those Map Completed test?

    • Bojchi04 says:

      Just found out it doesnt work properly with default map only (without tsm or promods), working on a solution now..

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