Romania Reworked v 0.1 “CTPark Industrial A1-Bucharest”

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CTPark Industrial A1-Bucharest(Google Maps)
Str.Unirii-Giurgiu(Google Maps)
Added vegetation-A1,DNC(Bucharest)



4 Responses to Romania Reworked v 0.1 “CTPark Industrial A1-Bucharest”

  1. Dillinger Johnny says:

    Thank you very much indeed

  2. GDN says:

    Link new fix crash :
    !!Sorry company add on error.Resolved problem!!

  3. 12345 says:

    since your project is at an early stage, I will take responsibility and express a request or advice,
    do not make barriers on the roads, it looks bad and ######, we all use the mod to remove these barriers from the default card … And More bumps, more hatches and holes in cities.
    Thanks for your work (google translator)

    • Ștefan IT says:

      he copied my RO-Rebuild. try rorebuild if you want original project

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