Romanian Map v 1.0 (First Update)


Replace old file with new file and start a new profile (for sure)
New Updates Coming Soon


Special Thanks : patrasc, Bulina, eudorel, Moshu, Traian and Daser



31 thoughts on “Romanian Map v 1.0 (First Update)

  1. what’s new or what has changed?

    1. Bugs have been fixed.

  2. Boo! Updates should be compatible with saves.
    I have to spend 20 minutes leveling up a new profile with Cheat Engine.

    I haven’t even explored the whole map on the first version yet. I think I’ll pass and wait for the next update.

    1. I should add, I do love the map. It’s my favorite so far. I haven’t driven any others since I got this one.
      It’s a wonderful work indeed.

  3. TYVMuch for the update and sharing this fantastic map

  4. muy buen laburo gracias !!!

  5. Fcuk if I have to start a new profile after using the beta version…. Using tsm 2.2 now.. think after a while the Romanian map probably too small after a while after been everywhere… I will wait till the final version

  6. …and Vlad III. Drăculea is watching y


    For those of you who have the space to do extra files here is a little system I use and it lets me use any and all versions and saves until I dont want something anymore.
    !. In the mod (BE SURE TO DO ALL THE FOLLOWING IN THE MOD FOLDER FOR EASY ACCESS) file where you see all the mods for the game you are playing at the time, Make a new file and name it the name of the profile of the game you are playing now.
    2. write down the mods you are currently using which are checked in the profile.
    3. Since the current map is also checked, COPY(BE SURE TO ONLY COPY ALL CHECKED FILES) into the new named file you just created including the map!!!
    NOTE: DO NOT Move the files because this removes them from the active profile!!!!!!!
    This file now is a copy of what you have been actively been playing.
    4. Now the next step is important- REMOVE(uncheck items)for all check mods. in the profile,This will prevent a crash when you start the new map.
    5. Now there are TWO ways to start a new map which follows, do it either A or B.


    A. Make another new file in the mod folder(of course you have to exit the game!!!! and name it WORKING MASTER MODS folder, and (MOVE flies!!!! DO NO COPY) ALL the mods to the folder named WORKING MASTER MODS. Now you only have 2 files. 1. the saved profile and 2. Working master mods. Now copy the new map you want to use into the mod folder (now you have map and 2 folders showing). Next go to the Master mods folder and COPY(do not move files, this file can be used over and over to start new maps) ALL the mods into the mod file BUT MOT ANY MAPS and start the new game.
    Start a new game (important) check only the NEW MAP.DO NOT CHECK MODS YET.
    Now you can do a whole new profile and make the first delivery. Then save it under that new profile by any name you wish, now in the profile check those mods that are common to the last game and play the new profile. (IF YOU CRASH AFTER ADDING THESE MODS UNCHECK ALL MODS AND ADD THEM ONE AT A TIME TO FINE THE MOD NOT WORKING!!!!!!!!)

    B. The fastest way is the following but usually causes crashes.
    1. Save the current map you are using in a folder(IN THE MOD FOLDER) called “beta romanian map” by MOVING THE MAP FILE (DO NOT COPY IT) into BETA ROMANIAN MAP folder.This gives a backup of the game you were using with easy access to move oit later. Now you should have only other mods in the mod file and no map. If you do have other maps but are unchecked in the profile Move these maps to seperate folders (Remember you are keeping all the files still in the MOD FOLDER for ease of access).
    2.Copy the new map you want to use into the mod folder with all the other mods you presently using.
    3 If it crashes then there were major changes to the map that are not compatible with the old profile. If this happens UNCHECK ALL MODS except the MAP and only add the one by one. If this still causes crashes YOU MUST START A NEW PROFILE NO CHOICE

    I Will be adding other items to this system so stay tuned! If you have questions Please only use english because i am in usa and do not like to use google translator. Title reply (JAMES-VAULT SYSTEM) and I shall try to answer your problem.

    1. Ive added this seperate on purpose for this system.
      This system lets you keep ALL the mods that are compatible with your computer in ONE folder.
      AS you add new mods to any existing game and they work then save them into the master mods folder. This way you have one files that you can add these item to any past or present maps you have saved.
      You can save complete profiles in one folder by making a folder named the same as the profile and move all mods as a complete unit into this file by either copying or moving them.
      If you wish to do another profile just put the profile you are presently using into its own named file(thus clearing the mod files out of the mod folder)Remember each file should include the map also. now since it is empty just move all the files from a seperate mod into the mod folder, start the game and select the profile you added to the mod folder. ALL thes saves and scores and money will be as you left them when you made the file.
      The entire saving syatem for this game is in another file and retains all game profiles unless you delete them in the profile section.
      Thank you for reading and off to better gaming!!!!

  8. Can not download!!

    1. Never mind, I had to use a torrent client!!

  9. The broken road from Ikea to Constanta’s center is still unfixed.

  10. goes on V1.3.1????

  11. how to download I’m more blunt and above here will not let me???

  12. Here you go, Florin:

  13. Hello again-Ive just downloaded the update, changed the title for the mod file to the same name the beta version had( and after doing a complete copy of the mod file with all the working mod in that file including the beta map version and stored it in my vault system as seen above) I pasted the new version 1.0 to the existing mod folder, started the game and using the beta version profile started where i left off with the previous beta version and finished my delivery even with a winter mod included without any problems whatsoever.
    The secret to doing this is the new updated mod needs to be titled the exact name of the one you are replacing or you will have to start a NEW PROFILE. I hope this help some of you out.
    This game is growing ever more complex to get new versions of maps to work with existing profiles. If this does not solve your crashes then your only choice is to start a new profile. thans for reading.

  14. can someone make a mod for 4 seasons?

  15. i have downloaded both done what u said and still have no idea where to find the new map it comes up when loading romaini map but i cant find where its to during game play

    1. it seems the update is nothing more than finishing the original map. I have not found any differences from the original.
      Even the beta screen does not say version one.
      I wish the developers of maps would give information about improvement in a word file but they never do. it is up to us to figure them out.

  16. So this is not the map but only an update? I need some original file first?

    Yeah, many addons for this particular game lacks information/description.

    1. This update is the completed beta version and you need no other file to be added with this mod,just remove the beta version and install this version. But to carry from where you left off with your saves and profile, this file needs to be named the same in the mod folder as the original beta version, otherwise the profile you used previously used will not load and will result in starting a new profile. hope this helps

  17. So what ya saying is… If ya put the update (which don’t have a mod icon like the beta and can’t choose it in startup) in the mod folder with the beta… The game will still be an updated version?

    1. Yes, next time will be a big update 🙂 .

  18. you made a good map with long curves for better cornering which is great. If you are planing an update is it possible to put pickup and dropoff sites in the construction site and other places not at delivery unloading map v.9 by knox xss made for original ets2 map worked great. since a different map entirely it would work great here too. Thanks

  19. Cum ieste posibil sa aplici updateul 1.0? How is it possible to apply update 1.0?

  20. My game crashes when I drive the truck DAF from Oradea. I take the corner and then it crashes when i am about to take the corner and exit oradea I cant figure out why


    Gameul crashaza daca operezi GPS’up cu keile the F3,4,5,6….. In timp ce the joci. MI se intimpla mie cind fac quick delivery cu tir fara GPS construit in iel. NU SHTIU dice im causeasa sa imi crashes gamul. Running with minimal mods care nu skimba modul. Ieste posibil sa afecteze shi alti oameni. Versiunia 1.0 ETS RO map versiunia joc 1.3.1s Ieste imposibil sa joc acum

  22. hola querria saber como se mete los modos de mapa todadabia no e metido ningun modo de mapa querria saber cual es el primero que tengo que meter muchas gracias

  23. Eroare la incarcarea salvarii. Am facut profil nou(normal), iar singurul mod pe care l-am bagat a fost harta, pe mai multe versiuni ETS 2…aceeasi eroare, am incercat ambele versiuni a hartii, si
    v1 si v2…

  24. it is work on 1.3.1 version ??

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