Romanian Map v 8.5


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Version 8.5:

– Modes season should have higher priority as a map.
– Traffic Some vehicles have attached specific engine sounds.
– The total number of drivers is increased to 454
– Name drivers are Romanian.
– There are new designs or edit existing ones.
– The increased maneuverability in winter, and now, you do not have snow in tunnels!
– Intersections and preforms as well as winter driving are similar to drumusile.
– Are remade models, some are new map corrections and crashes are eliminated in beta due to wheel trucks and trailers.

Authors: Elyxir, Alin2008Todor


13 Responses to Romanian Map v 8.5

  1. ovy10 says:

    Necesita ambele DLC ? EAST si NORTH

    • stefan daniel says:

      nu. e stand alone(NU e lipita de Europa)

      • adryan says:

        am versiunea 1.24x si imi zice ca nu este compatibila.ce versiune a jocului trebuie sa am ?

  2. sanwlaram says:

    1080P HERE

  3. 4861yeti says:

    good job. but you could write a fix which switches off the music and the sirens ? they are extreme loud and drown out everything . even the sound heard from then truck barely . for user with headset that is very unpleasant

  4. usman hamsafar says:


  5. ovy10 says:

    I need all DLC ? North and East, or its work whit only East DLC? I have original game on steam.

  6. Todor Alin says:

    Sad to say that who posted the map here don’t know to read.
    Look at the torrent file (and why missing the link ?????)

    And yes, from long time, required both DLC’s

    And about posted video: If all season mods are activated, can’t expect to work. Use only the desired mod (Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter) or if you want to use season changer facility, read the text file inside season changer archive.

  7. Eudecio Silva says:

    This ending the game. ETS2 1.23.1
    I put the mods in this order: autumm, winter, spring, summer, trailers and harta romaniei.

  8. виталий says:

    а как её устанавливать

  9. greg says:

    and compatible with 1:24 v?

  10. actros1440 says:

    dlc required?

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