Romanian Map v2.0 Final


Romanian Map v 2.0 Final Version

What’s new in this Update?

– bug fix
– new city : “Tulcea”
– one port
– bus stations
– new models
– new buildings
– new trailers
– new roadworks
– dirt roads
– new radars
– new firms

Have fun!

Author: elyxir


79 Responses to Romanian Map v2.0 Final

  1. chris says:


  2. johny says:

    nejde to stahnot poslete nakej odkaz na stahnouti

  3. glen says:

    do i need a new profile

  4. james says:

    Has anyone been having problems with the graphics of this mod? I ran the last version and it ran fine. Question- did the authors of this mod make major changes to the graphics level required or did the move to a windows 7 type graphics, because my graphic keep crashing when i start moving the vehicle on the street. I have tried high and low graphic and it made no difference in the crashing of the game

    • 김성곤 says:

      Me to
      one month comming soon> start game> End Error> angry

  5. Cipri says:

    Prea bune drumurile , pentru tara asta plina cu gropi.

    • George says:

      Incearca harta Rusiei a lui Goba daca tot esti fanul gropilor. Macar in joc sa conducem si noi pe drumuri bune daca in realitate sunt de 2 lei!

  6. David King says:

    I do not know but cannot drive anywhere without crashing. took all mods off still crashes which is sad Oh well tsm map will be out very soon and never have any problems with their maps

    • james says:

      another 3 hours lost to trying this mod. Do you use windows 7 by chance for having no problems with tsm maps, they no longer support windows xp, which I have.
      my crashes are only graphics caused by not being able to process enough data fast enough due to my processor speed. To bad and such a good setup on the map too,with alot of new stuff seen.oooohwelllllll,back to the other mods.
      I hope that the new game update is not as a graphic hog as this or we are all in for a letdown!!!!!

  7. GkN says:

    There is no poblem for me with graphics or entering to cities and leaving from.

    But I have a different problem with Truck Dealers, whenever I click the Buy a truck, game crashes.

    I tought maybe a mod causes that and clear all mods but nothing changes. Confusing.

    By the way, I’ve done nearly 15 delivery over 200km distance, details are awesome, peoples and their animations is really creative, and more details such as crashed trucks, cars etc. are wonderful. Thanks to your work.

    I’m not just criticize, everyone say thanks for this guy’s work and time.

  8. james says:

    Well its good not to give up. my computer finally found it footing and we are on the road again and its a lot better than the v1. Now to prove i am not a spam bot.

  9. Richard says:

    Played the first one…. But since a few maps came out at basically same time gonna leave this one for few months and use the Brazil one which ya can use the Europe map as well as Brazil via ship which is a big plus over this one

  10. TFM says:

    Question – I’m still using the first Romania map.
    Can I change this mod out with the original in the profile or do I need a new profile?

    I understand I would need a new profile for this map if I had never played it. I’m wondering it this one is compatible with the original.

    • George says:

      This map contains new models and you definitely need a new profile to use it properly! 😉

  11. steven says:

    nu merge frate…selectez un oras dau new profile,plec la drum merge umpic si da crash…imi scrie ceva de steam …daca stie cineva ce as putea sa fac sa mearga..mersi

    • Mark says:

      E buguita harta si trebuie asteptat pentru un update!Un cacat de harta!

  12. james says:

    Due to the major differences in the layout it is not compatible with v1. The mods have to match with what the profile screen says you need and the title of the map needs to be the exactly same as v1 for it to be compatible. Never playing it has no bearing on the compatibility of switching the maps. This version 2 has had too many changes.

  13. Niels says:

    it works with tsm map 2.2?????

  14. TFM says:

    That is incorrect, sir. I simply swapped the old with the new and it works fine.
    Maybe I’m missing something.

    • TFM says:

      I don’t want to seem hard headed so I’m going to start a brand new profile with the map just to see if there is any difference.
      One can never have too many profiles. ‘-)

  15. glen says:

    I have encountered a problem it crashes wen I trt and drive over a certian road

    • ionut says:

      sugeti pula ca nu merge si sa va bagati mapa in cur ca tot nu merge

  16. levi leeviko says:

    I wonder if TruckShop 8.1 Works with this map, because for some reason the V1 allways crashed duaring tuning via truckshop.
    anyone using the mod and have a problems or something like that?
    Because for me it’s the most important mod in this game after the V8 sounds and psychics.

    • BartvHam says:

      Truck mods should have nothing to do with map mods. Maybe your Truck Shop mod interferes woth another mod. But it probably has nothing to do with any map.

  17. TomaSis says:

    I cant download this map from 4share :((, can some one put this in other server plz.

    • levi leeviko says:

      Just log in via facebook, if still cannot download i’il upload it by my own, if the auther has no problem with that.

  18. adrian says:

    mie mi se incarca dar imediat imi iese
    nu imi merge

  19. George says:

    Cand iesi din Bucuresti si o iei pe varianta spre Giurgiu, jocul crapa inainte de intrarea pe drumul principal care duce spre Giurgiu!

  20. elyxir says:

    merge doar pe versiunea 1.3.1
    si nu da crash decat daca incepi din tulcea sau daca vrei sa cumperi masina direct din meniu prin distribuitori..
    in resta harta a fost in teste 2 saptamani la anumiti testeri si a mers fara probleme.

  21. birsu_fanel says:

    I decided to give you the unlocked archive of this map, because elyxir doesn’t want to help you with the map problems. So with the unlocked map files every one can modify it as though he wants and maybe solve the errors which the autor isn’t able to solve.

    Here is the link :

  22. elyxir says:

    barsule sa iti dau multa muie tie si familiei tale 😛 !

  23. Adrian says:

    Cum pot pune harta pe joc?

  24. tacsi68 says:

    Foarte frumos corespondenta dintre elyxir si barsu_fanel.Autentic Romanesc!!!Bravo baieti,pe alta cale nici nu puteati rezolva numai pe un site strain.

  25. Raul says:

    Harta nu merge cu patch-ul 1.4.12.

  26. Lewwy says:

    Domnul Elyxir cum pot sa vorbim un pic ??

  27. 91Schumi06 says:

    Mie nu-mi merge. Imi apare chestia aia ca a detectat o eroare fatala si imi da cu load save. Ce sa-i fac ca sa mearga?

  28. Egan7 says:

    A great concept – but one I cannot truly enjoy – like many others my game crashes due to graphics. The graphics in towns are too much and every time I drive into a town the game crashes. I have tried all sorts of settings including men pool but no luck.

    Could you do something about that so people with mid-low spec pcs can enjoy this mod? Looks good.

  29. james says:

    Word from one of the DLC users. This map works with version 1.5.2 and DLC included. The DLC portion showes up on the map but is not attached thus not causing any effect.No change needed on profile.

  30. Rafael says:

    Pra que versão?

  31. sebi says:

    sper sa mearga bine 🙂

  32. sebi says:

    sper sa mearga

  33. Peter Frederickx says:

    Thx, perfect game!! Greetings.

  34. Belmin says:


  35. Belmin says:

    I have problem with acess , watch video on youtube.
    Help pleas!

  36. Mato says:


  37. radu says:

    nu merge harta asta

  38. IONUt says:

    Salut daca iti scrie ceva de stem , este vorba ca trebuie sa ai profil pe steam

  39. RaduMunty says:

    The city Alba Iulia will be added?

  40. george says:

    pe ce vresiune a jocului este ??

  41. fekete tibor says:

    nu stiu unde se descarca ? sete frumos asa cu harta romaniei

  42. fekete tibor says:

    modul nu stiu cum sal descarc si scuze ca am scris sete este sa raspunda cineva cine a vazut

  43. IloinenUkkeli says:

    WORKS IN 1.18??

  44. joao victor says:


  45. joao victor says:

    Human Verification: In order to verify that you are a human and not a spam bot, please enter the answer into the following box below based on the instructions contained in the graphic.

  46. Dennis211 says:

    Ba elyxir , sa-mi bag pula in harta ta de cacat . Asta e geografie omule? Mi-a sters profilu. Daca nu stii sa faci moduri de ce le mai faci? Cea mai proasta harta facuta ever si cel mai prost modder. Du-te acasa inteligentule cu rahatul acesta!

  47. MemberFromETS2 says:


  48. MemberFromETS2 says:


  49. MemberFromETS2 says:

    Please create mod or 1.12.1 or or 1.20.1.
    Thank you elixyr.

  50. Bogdan Marcu says:

    Pentru ce versiune a jocului este mapa?

  51. RickyGamer8 says:


  52. TheTh0r says:

    Imi trebuie DLC-urile cu expansiuni ale mapei (cea normala) ca sa functioneze mapa aceasta?

  53. serban says:

    what version is needed?

  54. stiven says:

    hola amigos

  55. stiven says:

    mi version no es complatible con este mapa

  56. eu says:

    pe ce versiune? dar am nevoie de dlc?

  57. Dragos says:

    Pt ce versiune de joc este?â„„

  58. Coman Andrei says:

    merge pe versiunea v.1.30

  59. costel says:


    • costel says:

      si am descarcat`o chiar de aici aveti hartile virusate

  60. ionut says:


  61. Brinzoi says:

    Imi zice o eroare la load game…cum pot face sa repar aceasta eroare?

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