Ronny Ceusters Scania 50k (Metallic)


Metallic Ronny Ceusters skin for 50k’s Scania.




14 thoughts on “Ronny Ceusters Scania 50k (Metallic)

  1. great job, where can I find the colored wheels for scania? Reply ciao

    1. Grazie 1000 – Speedy143

  2. Hey speedy real nice work man. are you using a fix for 50k’s scania? he has not been about lately and wondered did you update his truck for the game?

    Cheers, V’

    1. speedy143

      If you go on to the SCS forum some one has kindly put together a SCS file containing the missing textures.

  3. willy1962

    Thanks Peter a very nice skin .

    cheers , Wilfred

  4. Thanks for sharing, and have a question for you mate, how to choose a color to his painting flip_color, flake_color ?

  5. base_color : (0.7043, 0.0050, 0.0000) Color is such as to select him flip and flake color?

    1. speedy143

      Hi bialy, check out this thread on the SCS Forum:
      It might help…..

  6. furious59400

    Please, could you create a new S.VERBEEK skins for Scania R? thank you

  7. Thx mate 🙂

  8. AurelienLeRoutier

    very good job

  9. Please do Ronny ceusters skin for RJL Scania!

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