Route Advisor Mod Collection v2.0


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Route Advisor Mod Collection v2.0 [ETS2 v1.11.x ∼] : 2014-08-22

Usage : single monitor, dual monitor, tripple monitor


Ⅰ. Compatible [ETS2 v1.11.x ∼]
Ⅱ. F1 tutorial deletion, Optimization
Ⅲ. Added [Center Bottom, Center Top, Left Bottom, Left Top, Right Bottom, Right Top Option]
Ⅳ. Added [Special Big Map(SBM), TB(Text bottom), TT(Text Top) Option]
Ⅴ. Added [No Frame(NF), With Frame(WF) Option]
Ⅵ. Added [Map Black Background(MBB), Map Clear Background(MCB) Option]
Ⅶ. Added [Text Black Background(TBB), Text Clear Background(TCB) Option]
Ⅷ. MBB(half transparency), TBB(half transparency), Running line message position movement
Ⅸ. Added [First F3 key(With Map), Second F3 key(No Map) Function]
Ⅹ. Total 80 Mods(Please use only the one mod that you like)

※ F2 Mirror Mod Deletion
Delete hud_left.sii and hud_right.sii in ui Folder
※ ui Folder is in *.scs file.(Please use WinRAR)



5 thoughts on “Route Advisor Mod Collection v2.0

  1. Well done , much more organized and clear ..thanks for instructing how to get rid of that mirrors 🙂 AWESOME work !

  2. Павел

    link does not work !!!!!!

    1. Error (509)
      This account’s public links are generating too much traffic and have been temporarily disabled!

  3. That dropbox link is generating too much traffic (downloads) and they are disabling it. Either change the download to mediafire or zippyshare or something or add another download link using mediafire, zippyshare, etc.

  4. Great mod! Thanks a lot Hemil.

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