After a long wait, the beautiful Isuzu truck was released (:

– Standalone Truck Dealer
– HQ Model
– AO Texture
– 1 Type Of Cabin
– 2 Type Of Interior [manual][auto]
– 1 Type Of chassis ( next version add chassis new)
– HQ Interior
– Passenger Mod
– Skin reefer
– Animated Gear Auto
– A lot of Options And Addons
– Interior Accessory
– Mod Manager
– Clear log
– No FPS Drop
– Custom Plate Number
– And More…

Note: To activate the refrigerator skin, you must double-click on the refrigerator slot

Our team strives to present a flawless project
In this project, there are some problems that will be fixed in the next version

Please share your comments with us
You can also tell us your thoughts about the next version of this mod

Hope you enjoy (:
Good Time



11 thoughts on “RSG | ISUZU NPR 2018 + INTERIOR

  1. Low Quality
    Very Bad mod
    Game Log isn’t clear and Game crashing!

  2. Tandem trailers can be connected?

  3. Great mod, awesome quality!! thank you for sharing

  4. Copery Verdelimon C.T.V.L.R

    a nice Japanese mod, but I think it forgot to correct the rain particles from the wiper in stormy weather mode

    1. I will fix it

      1. if you fix the rain affects on the window i dont think i would need to use any other truck, great work with the mod, other than the rain particles and the low top speed this is perfect

  5. EziOminer

    This is a Persian mod.
    میهن is a Persian company.
    And its creator is GAMEMODS.
    But i think they didn’t updated this isuzu.

    1. I am the creator of this mod, thank you for your comment

      This is just one version of this truck

      In the next versions, all the problems will be solved and more skins will be added

      This mod is not Iranian and is global

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