RTS2team v.0.3


Russian map for Euro Truck Simulator.
In that version added 3 towns Mogilev, Vitebsk, Orsha.
Tested on 1.8.25 version.

Vladimir34, KeRiTo


12 thoughts on “RTS2team v.0.3

  1. Concrete road is quite.We need a Russian roads like on youtube (lots of difficult terrain).
    Very far-off village want with animals.
    I guarantee that everyone will driving on your new map.Maybe there’s even difficult terrain in your country,if this is not an country image building projects. Thank you for your work before.

  2. tuhkustuhke

    make the ai traffic to go very fast everywhere! like 150+km/h on the small roads and 100 in towns? then it would be the best map ever for me

  3. Ayoub Elhannouni

    pleas video

  4. Pleace works on 1.10.1s? Thank You!

  5. can i combine it with other map like promods?

  6. shame….does NOT work on 1.9.22S

  7. Mujdat ASURER

    Is this mod for Euro truck simülatör 2 or for Euro truck simülatör?..I confused.Under the Picture it says”Russian map for Euro Truck Simulator” but crushed on ETS 2 1.10.1 verison.

  8. Владислав

    на версии 1.10.1s вылет при создании нового профиля !!!

  9. made using game version 1.8.2? so far out of date it won’t work on any newer version.
    Update the map to 1.10.x guys.

  10. Nice work
    Can i use this map with TSM map?

    Can somebody help me to found game version ???

  11. hello
    Can i use this map with TSM map?
    thanks a lot

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