Rudolf Riegler Ⅲ Trailer

This is a owned trailer skin of Rudolf Riegler Ⅲ (BY)
This MOD can be used with 1.35 – 1.36
Made using the Mod Studio 2
Caution!! Redistribution of this MOD data is prohibited!!

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4 thoughts on “Rudolf Riegler Ⅲ Trailer

  1. But what do you write, is it forbidden to create the textures of other authors or do you think you are smarter than all,
    this skin already created it and you find it in many sites.

    1. JoachimK

      You are right, my Friend. 😉
      The most of his Skins are from other Authors.
      And they are all too big with 43mb.

      1. Ciao JoachimK , it’s always the same music.

        1. JoachimK

          Ciao, zoso,
          yes, you´re right. A Lot of Peoples wants to make Skins, but
          they have no own Ideas and take from other Authors.
          Have a nice Day. 🙂

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