Rus Map v 1.4.8

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– Compatible with patch 1.16
– New cities: Ostashkov, Hill
– New roads: А111, Р48, Р50, Р87, Р89.

Author: [email protected]


53 thoughts on “Rus Map v 1.4.8

  1. Still needs GE dlc to make the roads connect?

    1. Yes.

    2. Sorry, but what is GE dlc? ;/

      1. TijdReiziger

        ETS2 Going East download.

        1. Aw man, I wish I had that..

          I really want this mod :/

    3. Oh hey atty

  2. works with tsm map??

    1. Yes, 5.4.

      The possibility of combining with the following maps: Map of Europe from MsHeavyAlex v.1.7.1, Promods 1.8.4, Truck Sim Map 5.4.

      More info in Readme file.

      1. Nimeni.Altu

        MAN, are ou sure we can PUT ALL THIS MAPS TOGHETER????

        1. No, he is saying that Russia map will work with each of those maps, not that all of those maps will work at the same time.

          1. Nimeni.Altu

            thanks, i’ve tryed before, in the 1.15 patch to conect RUSMAP+TSM+ALEXHAVYMAP
            and was cool, i dont know if is indicated!
            i have one qwestion:
            WHAT MEANS THIS????
            – On the territory of the EU and North Africa, it is recommended to disable.

  3. worki with romap and tsm please???

  4. FartVader

    Alternate link please. Sharemods is acting up again.

  5. do we still need this file ? :


    with ETS2 (1.16.2) + DLC + TSM 5.4 + Rus Map v 1.4.8

    1. I have seen the files after downloading and I know the answer .

      1. strider1007

        Do you care to share the answer???

        1. Walter Plinge

          He’s not sharing…

          I suggest – trial & error my friend.

  6. MsHeavyAlex

    [email protected]

    thank you on your great map , man !!

  7. i hope to get Job to there now

  8. james tooey

    crashes in Warszawa as come to dealership

    1. Are you using pro mod map, I had same problem crashing at truck dealers with rusmap & Brazil map, turned out its a bug in promods

  9. Le Vieux Are Strange

    Hi [email protected] first of all let me tell you that your map is amazing, with each new update improves more and I like it, but in this version I found a bug:

    The license plate of my truck does not appear, apparently is an error with the Russian license plates, this happens with the truck that I drive (Scania 50K) or another truck purchased in Russia,the Belorussian license plate is perfectly displayed.

    The console shows the bug:

    I buy a MAN in Belorussia and the license plate appears:

    This happens when I move it to a garage in Russia:

    *The license plate no appears

    I hope to be solved it, greetings and thanks for your creation.

  10. I’m still not have Job going to Russia, should i call putin? i just can grab trailers at Best, other cities do not have enterprises in…

  11. I just entered St.Petersburg and have a frame rate of between 10-15, first city I go to in Russia and it’s this bad not a good sign! However, that was in the last update not this one…maybe there is a slight improvement?

  12. I think it doesn’t work with promods 1.8.4. I can’t see the map in russia territory. Do you have any solutions?

  13. Hi, does it work whith 1.15x and is the boat from st. Petersburg works it?

  14. When i change rus map 1.4.7 and put this one when loading it says problem on loading this savegame.i use tsm 5.4 with it.

  15. Great map,work very well.

    Tank you.

  16. Still crashes on Pskov truck dealer. Please repair, thanks for this awesome map.

  17. play 1.15 ?

  18. IloinenUkkeli

    Why the roads don’t connect??

  19. Hi! Map is great but i have problem with the russian license plates. Can you fix it?

  20. hi many thanks for this beautiful map
    it works great

  21. Why the roads don’t connect?

  22. worls great but some dealer crashes,road and asphalt is great, especially the hole is a major reality. I beg to fix the bug at the dealership

  23. game crashes by all truck dealers. i use promods. pls fix it

  24. Bonjour ,

    je trouve que se mods et vraiment génial , mais à chaque fois que j’y joue environ 35 minute le jeu bogue toute suite ? pourtant je n’est pas beaucoup de mods !!!

    alors comment faire faut il rajouter un autre mods spécial avec la maps ?

  25. где взять грузовик точно такой же как на видео с такими же колёсами

  26. estou tendo problema com esta versão não esta aparecendo o npme das cidades no mapa mundo, uso tsm5.4, eaa, ro add, ja retirei tds mods , e mesmo assim da esse erros, obrigado.

  27. crashes in Warszawa

  28. the map is great , but it crashes every now and then , i can’t even finish a delivery !! please fix

  29. Black13Gangs

    Hello, I wanted to ask why I have at the offroads stones in the ground is white in normal factory town has the stones on the ground which is now a bug or something?


  30. GvidizLTU

    Hello, could anyone help me? Every time when i download this map mod it gives me error when i try to open winrar file
    ! C:\Users\PC\Desktop\RusMap_1.4.8.7z: The archive is corrupt
    It doesn’t matter which version of the map it gives error with all versions

  31. Nimeni.Altu

    i cant drive like this… with 5-10 km/h or 20-30 km/h
    its to much for me!!!

    1. Jhnoyyxxx

      Nimeni.altul..cum instalez mapa asta?unde trebuie sa pun fisierele alea??un tutorial ceva?

    2. I guess in a “perfect world ” all roads would be as smooth as glass but alas they’re not. Life is hard … Get a helmet!
      great map BTW

  32. can fix the map “bug” plz ?

  33. It’s works on 1.17s?

  34. Hi [email protected]
    Thank you for amazing map! I play it with promods, no problem, but I remove some ferry options, works great.

    Please can you make another road into Russia? I love your map and like to use another route into Russia.

    Keep up awesome work!!
    Many thanks

  35. fleescher

    work on 1.17xxxx but need a fi make pink windows on any building

  36. longlong4233

    Does it work in without dlc east?

    and can coming and going?

  37. There is a bug with 1.17 version of game. the windows of buildings are pink …

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