Russ Map v1.3.5.7


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Compatibility with other maps:

The order of the files in the mod Folder.

– MHA map EU 1.5.1 by MsHeavyAlex + RusMap v1.3.5

– ProMods v.1.71 + RusMap v1.3.5

– ProMods v.1.71 + Poland Rebuilding v.1.70 + RusMap v1.3.5

– Truck Sim Map 5.1.2 + RusMap v1.3.5

Attention: RusMap + TSM_Map_terrain_FIX connect in profile only on the territory of Russia and Belarus. Use only with maps RusMap + TSM. On the territory of the EU and North Africa, it is recommended to disable.

With other cards have not been tested.

Have Fun


SCS, Vladimir Struzhkov, ets2modsru1


31 thoughts on “Russ Map v1.3.5.7

  1. ExperimentalTrucker

    Hello. Would anyone know if this map is an update or the same as this one……

    1. no. it is another map. (another authors), another profile

    2. No, Rusmap is any other map as East Express 3.8 🙂

  2. This is v1.3.5 (.7z)
    And it has already been uploaded.

  3. Mini šulínek

    So, more infos of mod. First and original author of this map is [email protected] In map isn´t new changes, any new things.. It is this map:

    1. Zdravím Mini šulínka.

      Nevím kde je chyba, ale mě to Rusko prostě nejde. Mám zapnuté pouze mody “ProMods 171” + “PolandRebuilding_1.70” (nebo 1.71a) + “rusmap_ver_1.3.5_for_ets2_1.12.1”, začnu novou hru v Brestu a hned za první křižovatkou mi hra spadne. To samé se děje když zapnu “TSM_Map_5” + “rusmap_ver_1.3.5_for_ets2_1.12.1”. Můžeš mi poradit kde je chyba? Moje hra 1.12.1s

      Díky za jakoukoli pomoc

      1. Mini šulínek

        Takhle ti neporadím. Zkus mi poslat výpis logu (na email – [email protected])

    2. Rebel8520

      čau vypni ostatní mody na mapu a nech jen russ

  4. ExperimentalTrucker

    Hello. Sorry about that. I should have looked closer. Seeing the ‘’ had me thinking it was a updated map.

  5. Александр

    здравствуйте,планируется добавлять Украину ?

  6. SlenderHUN

    Where is that place on the first picture?


  8. Nothing is new is the same map with this

    1. right –

      and the uploader is a fake MDF scaniaL

      he searching mods and upload the mod under his name
      on many ets2 hp

  9. This poddelka,this is a common 1.3.5 . Just wants to expose this person : Vladimir Strukova

  10. dont work whit poland rebild map ore poland rebil dont work if i drive poland rb i go thru the rode some times and not conecting to russ map

    soory bad eng

    1. This map (and he Oryginal map) work Perfect with ProMods and Poland Rebuidling.

  11. if use TSM and This map where musT locaTed The zzzzzJPM_forTSM_5_1 mod To work correcT

  12. @SlenderHUN: from Slauharad to Mstsislaw to go to the E-Acres Farm.
    Is the same 1.3.5 from [email protected]

    1. SlenderHUN

      Thank you!!! :))))))))

  13. MigaraMadawa

    Please Help To add Your new Models For My Map.(MMG Map)

  14. maickpower

    Stream en español recorriendo el mapa

  15. I Very interesting with your map…. but i have one question..

    Are this must have DLC east ?

  16. pls watch my trip from gomel to brest here:

  17. Hello. Beautyful map, thanks guys!

  18. muito massa

  19. mapa rus map to ciekawa mapa pobierz kolejną mapę

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