S730 Fahl Transporte Standalone

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This community is not very nice, one of our customers leaked our paid truck, to prevent wrong things from happening with it we will share it ourselves. If more stuff gets leaked we will QUIT any form of modding for the public so be warned.

If you want your own, custom made truck, contact us via Facebook or Instagram, but note that we don’t work for free and don’t trade…..

the only thing I ask for this mod is to keep our link and don’t reupload it….

Rhino 3d


12 thoughts on “S730 Fahl Transporte Standalone

  1. Mr.GermanTruck

    test Video…

  2. PolishDriverTruck

    Video Test 1.35…

  3. Stalevarcev


    НЕ Пропусти Обзор,Test Мода!
    Переходи по ссылке.
    Присоединяйтесь к нам!

  4. Stalevarcev


    Обзор мода, Test Video!

  5. Stalevarcev

    НЕ Пропусти Обзор,Test Мода!

  6. Stalevarcev


    Mods ➤Обзор Scania S580 FAHL TRANSPORTE V2.0

  7. no cables support with trailer and many errors in gamelog

  8. who pays money for an 800 MB bomb?

  9. For some wierd reason the mirros are light blue in the interior view, but from the outside view they are red?

    Otherwise, awesome mod, thanks for the creator!

  10. Interior mirrors are blue? Why lol.

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