Scania 1 Serie Highpipes


Hello, i made this mod since the Scania 1 serie mod of Shoofer only contained one highpipe, i put some time in it and made 12 highpipes in total, credits to Shoofer for the orriginal highpipe, me (Auke van der Kooi) for adding the rest

Authors: Shoofer, auke van der Kooi


4 thoughts on “Scania 1 Serie Highpipes

  1. fake

  2. Trucker_Bob

    Woaw. I see in one sec how the titel and the discription has been made by a Dutch one. Coz they writing always with like ” if i do this….” and to be correct its: “If I do this….” and the way how sentence is builded. You guys asking : “How do you know that?”
    Well I’m even Dutch.

  3. Trucker_Bob

    ey gast, het is Original. kijk je spelling even voor je iets post de volgende keer (Positief Kritiek).

    Great Mod, thanks

  4. Trucker_Bob

    Nog wat, this dat ik niet mijn post edit (Toevoegen) kan. want ik citeer je zin;: ” i put some time in it and made 12 highpipes in total,”.

    Verbetering: “There are updates coming up with more HighPipes, with 12 in total.”

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