Scania 113 v 4.0

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SCANIA 113 version 4.0 for ets2 1.28

Scania dealer
Some personalizarion
4 chassis
Some engines

Ls mods


8 Responses to Scania 113 v 4.0

  1. AzoraxModdingGaming says:

    HD Test Video 1080p:

  2. My Birthday says:

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    • Roberto D. says:

      Or we can give no care about your stupidity, spammer. No one likes you whatsoever, really.

  3. PolishDriverTruck says:

    HD Video Test 1.28…

  4. Geovani says:

    Serie 4 interior… -_-

    • sheppardpat47 says:

      That’s exactly the same dashboard than a 3 series, just the steering wheel change, nothing wrong i think…

  5. Anon says:

    Interior has been reused from Scandia 113M/143M by Ekualizer. Reported for stealung Ekualizer’s interior assets.

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