Scania 113h


Scania 113h very good mod
have a tunhng objects
interior and so on……

enjoy my friends
tested on 1.9.22

mahsamk group aslan800


19 thoughts on “Scania 113h

  1. moslem-k!ng

    this is veru nice ! very goOd

  2. thanks moslem

  3. thank my friend for upload about this videos
    and thanks manager for accept this mod

  4. More parts is from Scania 143m Edit by Ekualizer ….

  5. Крокодил Гена

    Блять заебали не запечёные скидывать! Запеките хотя бы что-ли её, чтобы детали были различимы в тенях!

  6. yes your right but spoiler for me
    and engine

  7. Its fantastic.thanks…

  8. your welcam vahid

  9. Very bad modes and itself truck

  10. this your idea ican say any thing

  11. very nice mod!!! WHich is the password?please??????

  12. Scania.vabis.diesel

    Can you please make a scania vabis steering wheel for it please!

  13. Scania.vabis.diesel

    Can you please make a scania vabis steering wheel fot this truck please!

    1. Why? Vabis steering wheel dosen’t belong this truck! Vabis steering wheel should be use only vabis scanias.

  14. MauroDaFreak

    You should really check this NEW one Scania 113. It’s awesome and has a lot of features to add.

  15. Too bad,this truck model is from GTS Scania 142H…….

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