Scania 124L

Scania-124-L-1 Scania-124-L-2

Scania 124L Truck

Authors: matti, Domas225


7 thoughts on “Scania 124L

  1. video ? 😀

  2. scania164lfan

    I LOVE THE 4 SERIE FROM SCANIA , but can you fix the light.

  3. Video?

  4. scania4serielover

    my game crash with this mod, 1.14x patch 🙁 to bad since its a 4 serie !

  5. I didn’t have any problem, except that one, when it’s corrupted the T Scania’s texture

  6. I gave this Scania and asked for a copy of the whole description.

  7. @dr_jaymz

    the lights are wrong placed, no scania logo

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