Scania 124L adaptation for 1.20

Scania 124L

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Model has a lot of opportunities on the left.
Ten built-in skins
Adapted it for new versions
I also added a more powerful engine,
Added two interior,
Extra long gear ratios in the gearbox, and tweaked the tuning.
Are a separate slot
Four types of interior
Manifest Manager mods
Adapted for 1.20.x

Satan19990, Adaptation: vovangt4

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10 thoughts on “Scania 124L adaptation for 1.20

  1. EneaMaconi

    fake video

  2. pl_tv_software

    Video review. Tested on 1.20s

  3. Thanks buddy . A good mod!
    1.20 good:)

  4. blackroomafia

    ben 1.20 için modu bulamadım ?

  5. Bonjour, qui aurais le mot de passe des fichier 3d ? Merci beaucoup
    Hello, who have the password 3d file? Thank you a lot

  6. Doktor_Psix

    Обзор на русском

  7. Gameplay, tested on 1.20:

  8. Mode is working perfevtly on 1.20x version
    Scania is excellent 🙂


  10. Sadly conflicts with my favorite mod, Scania T by RJL, but looks the best Scania 4 Series Mod.

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