Scania 164L with Tunings and Interior

Scania-164-L-with-Tunings-and-Interior-1 Scania-164-L-with-Tunings-and-Interior-2

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High resultion textures, very nice mod, tunable chasis

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Authors: satan19990 and other


48 Responses to Scania 164L with Tunings and Interior

  1. Grandpa says:

    Standalone or replace ???

  2. TolisGR says:

    Very nice work. Thank you.

  3. kamil says:

    satan wanted to put his original link with He tells it there:–9674

    And here is the original link:

  4. ramses says:

    works on 1.9.4?

  5. Fred_be says:

    It’s the Scania 4 ????

    • Joe Alker says:

      164L was part of the 4 series, 16 denoting engine size (16-litre V8), 4 denoting the series, and L denoting the cab.

      Likewise: 113M: 11 (11 litre) 3 (3 series) M (Cab)

  6. PallMall says:

    new update online v1.1

    works with v1.95 +++

  7. loshka88 says:

    Great mod!Thanks for it. Can anybody make inside this 164l soundmode by CommandoreOne V8?

    • ComandoreOne's Team says:

      hello Ioshka88

      we are working on V8 sounds for Scania 4 Stay tuned

  8. Mihai says:

    Video with the truck .
    Tested on version

  9. TolisGR says:

    Can you fix the speedometer? i’m going with 90km and shows 80km. Thanks.

  10. Hamidreza says:

    please upload mediafire…pleassssssssssssssse

  11. Lukver says:

    can anyone make an awesome v8 sound for this awesome truck?

  12. MAKO76 says:

    Expensive you our satan19990, see on screenshot

  13. C4RBON94 says:

    can we have RHD in the next release please, otherwise great looking mod so far, testing now…

  14. ymse says:

    make it so you can change to any sunvisor, its extremly ugly with the stock one…..

  15. @dr_jaymz says:

    i love this truck, very detailed, very nice going, very nice modded, thanks satan19990 and other!!!

  16. kriechbaum says:

    Ok, here it is, the version 1.1, with my sound V4 inside.

    Also made accurate the tachometer, speedometer, gearbox ratios are more realistics now, water temp indicator shows 90°C, engines torque informations values for the 580hp has been corrected (2700Nm), but it has more torque in game (3000+), it’s perfect to pull heavy haulages.


    • kamata93 says:

      Dude you are awesome! Thanks!

    • @dr_jaymz says:

      hi kriechbaum thanks for your effort! the water temp ind. its a great change i think; just 2 things: all the 6x* chassis are wrong and i prefer the original sounds (no offense), thanks for all your work and all your mods. cheers

    • Peter_Bulgaria says:

      Thanks, dude!

  17. ΔΗΜΗΤΡΗΣ says:

    Thank you very much.Very nice job !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. darren says:

    great mod, im driving it right now on my game with the 480 v8 engine, pulls like a train in my opinion. my only problem i have is the air pressure guages dont work.

  19. kriechbaum says:


    No problem, i understand.

    To have the standart sound, just delete the \sound\ file in the mod, and replace the 2 .sii files by the originals ones which are in \def/vehicle/truck/scania124/sound\

    Then, to have the good names for chassis, just edit the .sii file with wordpad, that is in : \def/vehicle/truck/scania124/chassis\

    find the line : \info[]: \4×2\ and replace the \4X2\ value by the good one.


  20. brad says:

    hey i have put the mod in but i cant find it in the shop what shop is it in

    • @dr_jaymz says:

      scania dealer dude!

    • darren says:

      i got mines from the dealer in Lille. it sits where the the original R360 would sit. its green in colour, cant miss it 🙂

  21. NvidiaPro says:

    Good mod, just makes my computer lag. Issues are the speedometer is very off the correct speed, air pressure guages dont work, weird shadows behind the steering wheel when driving at night,but its a nice mod overall. I give it an 8/10

  22. chris says:

    hi there love this truck all time favourite i know its not realistic but wondered if i could get a little bit bigger engine like a 750hp been looking everywhere and i cant find one

  23. anikin2002 says:

    Why will it not work for me it wont download

  24. Jenson says:

    When I download mods most of them come as .RAR files not .SCS so can you tell me how to fix thanks

  25. ScaniaFan says:

    Awesome Mod ! Pleasure to drive it in the game.

  26. Dante Falconeri says:

    Great truck! There are so many options to choose from, and i also love that female passenger. I salute the person that made this truck.

  27. Max says:

    can anyone tell me the cheat profile that dasquirrelsnuts use?

  28. prahi says:

    nice mod dude kriechbaum thanks

  29. Hauser says:

    Great mod.
    Great atmosphere in the cabin.

  30. My Gran is a ####### says:

    Why doesnt mine download, do i need to sign up somwhere?

  31. poland is awsome says:

    epicke ludzie jek to robice

  32. poland is awsome says:

    love it is epic transilated in GB

  33. Brendan says:

    hi, does it work with the latest version of ets2

  34. Aaron says:

    does it work on ets 2

  35. paddy says:


  36. paddy says:

    im using version 1.28 and i have the mod installed but it wont work my game keeps crashing and when i turned the mods activity off it worked like normal but no truck 🙁 please fix

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