Scania 420


Interior models: Rimšas



18 Responses to Scania 420

  1. ursturbo says:


  2. gaylord eric says:

    Great gay job. Reslly good. Please make me a #######!! :**

  3. mxTell says:

    Cool!Please make and highline version

  4. killstone says:

    Very good little truck, control panel at all. There is only one trouble is that you can only see the hour indicators if the days of the besüt booth. Can it be improved?

  5. killstone says:

    I got up, I have the brightness of the East. 😀

  6. Trucker says:

    does it work with 1.3.1.? Where have i to buy the truck? It isnt in my game, wich dealer?

  7. David King says:

    First off let me say great job on the truck. Just a couple of minor fixes is all. Gauge needles should be placed in respective gauges and the steering wheel up off drivers seat. Noticed trailer bounce a little bit but truly a great truck that I will keep using. Can not wait to see what lights etc. can put on it.

  8. Kenny says:

    i cant find it in scania dealers!

  9. Ydna says:

    The Wipers not worked!

  10. olstad says:

    Hey, will it be another reals for this mod?

    I think it missing some options.
    6×2/4 shuld also be availbel in this mod.
    and the options for puting on ligths in the grill, and roof shuld be here.
    and every option for the mirrors and doorhandels.

    and i love the optinions inside the cab, but a wider chois there wuld just be a extra bounus for the mod 🙂

    Great job man !

  11. kabadayı says:

    highline version..

    • olstad says:

      WHy, WHy? they don’t exist in real life and than he dosen’t need to make it 😉

  12. Polarbear says:

    Great! Please link teh wheels!

  13. GkN says:

    Good job, thanks 🙂

    Can you give me link of wheels?

  14. bonjovi says:

    wheels bug in 1.4.8

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