Scania Black Beast


Nice Scania edit in Brazil style for ETS 2 called a ,,Black Beast”. This mod replaced Scania.
Version game: 1.12, 1.12.1

Davit Batista


7 thoughts on “Scania Black Beast

  1. joe_alker


  2. shredder this crappy old ####

    1. bro I know this mod isn’t good but all what you do is complain, idk if it’s how your act or if you comment in all crappy mods, well I have never saw a good comment from you 😛

      1. I will clearly – make a good job and y get a lot of kisses and lovely words. OKAY ?

        nobody needs scrap and this profile killer –
        and this is fact

        sorry for my true hard words

  3. é br br br br hue br hue hue heu e hue de novo 😀 Add skype peterson.foda

  4. hola me podrias decir el nombre de la calco

  5. hola me ddirias como se llama la calcomania

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