Scania Concept (1.30) [upd 20.11.17]

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For reference, this model never existed in reality. Tractor drawn European Bureau of design LT Design. Brutal appearance, branded grille Scania, aggressive lines of the cockpit — all view of young designers on how to look like a Scania truck in the future.

– The basis is taken the model from the author Kosak.
– Version 1.30 beta
– The model is standalone, nothing replaces.
Tractor completely redone, “light” and brought to mind.
– Painted in all colors of the rainbow.
– Redrawn many default skins.
Template for individual creativity in the archive.
– One engine( cut up to 500 l/s)
– One chassis.

At the moment, no private cabin of the tractor, but work on it is underway. The forum has a huge number of salons in the R-series. Any of them fit with ease.
Tuning, is practically absent, some default parts of the body, it is logical to fall on the cab, but not all. Since the model was made according to individual preferences.
Have your wheels and all the components are different options for coloring and chrome.

Update 20.11.17
Small adaptation fashion, under beta 1.30.
Changed registration of the dealer. In previous versions, the mod was interrupted by a new series Next Gen

Test on version 1.30beta



3 Responses to Scania Concept (1.30) [upd 20.11.17]

  1. Nick Carter says:

    i installed the latest version of ets2 which is but this mod is not working for me

  2. samkip15 says:

    verry cool! cant wait till he gots the new interior

  3. qbodp says:

    тачка класс, заметил один огрех – снаружи видно, что дворники работают в разные стороны, но в кабине видно, как дворники работают синхронно в 1 сторону

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