Scania do Neni

This mod is based on the original Scania of Claudemir Gigliotti, mortor, chassis, panel and skin. She is very TOP.

Please post or use the original link to continue editing.



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9 thoughts on “Scania do Neni

  1. mehrab rjl


    1. You do not need any Password, put in your Modfolder and activate.

      1. mehrab rjl

        this god #### mod is in a ####### win rar bro!

      2. Actually putting a password in the compressed file is moronic. What if we want to fix console errors? what if we want to tweak the unlock levels or prices or things like that? of course always for personal use. Why modders are so selfish? lol. Sorry but i NEVER EVER download or install a mod from a modder who does this. Does show very little interest from the modder in first place.

  2. MRX Anonymous


  3. This mod was based in a real life truck, you can check it out here:

  4. Password: XtrikeGo10k

    1. Nice try.. lol.

  5. Also how we are supossed to install the mod? do you realize that scs only accepts .zip and .scs files, right? ###### modders lol.

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