Scania Kelsa Gard Iranian


Fashion Scania version 3 ready for download.
Necessary to give an explanation about this fashion ;
This mode contains the original model Scania edited by myself ( almost
all previous upgrade ) + guard kelsa ( all models to guard the photo
you can see ) + lights hella ( which I added to her base ) and small
led lights the Guard ( in seven colors, white, blue , light blue , red
, yellow, pink and green ) is.

Hella lights and led course is applicable to all trucks with lights
hella regarding their guard play is not smooth because of the his
might be exactly the guard of your hurt foundation their the lights of
the Lamb Ferro bowels led u Play by default, only the guard got down
(bottom grill) , but is applicable to all applicable Nsbh kelsa guard

Apart from the above, other things have been added to the upgrade of
Scania got two texts for glass Ykad God and it is interesting or not I
do not know .
Scania chassis sideskirt 6 in 4 and 2 , I got changed and I got myself
a dummy model and the original model was Edith match it .
Gordon is one of the ceiling lights on the guard Nsbh kelsa beaconbar
be built entirely for this purpose .
test version:1.6.0



48 thoughts on “Scania Kelsa Gard Iranian

  1. When I’m home, I’ll download this immediatly.
    on 1.7.0
    With kyto mega store mod.

    I will let you guys know how it performs.

  2. Looks good, testing now

  3. don’t works for me..

    only this mod activate and no kelsa parts…(ETS2 1.7.1)


  4. i get the parts, but it throws a lot of errors in the console and i cant put lights on many of the bars. With a bit more work this will be a great mod

    1. deactivate the other scania and light mod .

      1. scaniaman

        hi sir i have a private scania mod and could you tell me the password for the rar because i would like it to work on it , thanks mate!
        OR i could send you my scania and you can do it?

  5. TYVMuch hamed, very very good job

    ALL MODSz works perfect witout errors

    and guys listen what hamed say….. !

    deactivate the other scania and light mod

  6. ok thx hamed, works fine now, Great work can’t wait for more like this

  7. Hamidreza

    good job Hamed 🙂

  8. hi. perfect, but can u make this for new volvo pleaaase. thnx.

  9. thedadmen

    hammed you have great talent , You may make thats packs for volvo new version .

  10. 1 quick question, could you tell me what file i can change to edit the numberplate so that i can have my usual plate on the front please. Thanks

  11. Works 100 % Thank you
    And works with Mega store 1.9

  12. Wow, the leds you made are awesome and the bars of course. No wait I do mean the whole mod is perfect. Nice skill man!

    So far there 2 problems:
    All air horns don’t work (it did work with the previous version of the kelsa high bar only mod) (horn does work btw).
    And there should be a kelsa lowbar sl9 without a kelsa licence plate and with the option for mud flaps yes or no.

    Thanks in advance.

    1. hi
      im trying to fix it for air horn . i used the previous version of definition file (1.3 vr)

  13. Mak-Kyver

    Where that Brake bar comes?? or it wont show to me 🙂

    1. If I disable mega stor mod from kyto then it shows up.

      But I disabled this mod from hamed30 temprarely because I use my airhorn alot.
      If has fixed it, then I’ll use the mod again.

    2. back of truck , on chassis

  14. how can i rename the lightboxsign???

    1. you cant, you alos cant change the number plate as the scs file is badly compressed. shame as i feel that if you could edit these things then this would much improve this mod

  15. its not good you close this

  16. Very nice mod. Iranian plate and the sign on the windshield looks great.

  17. nur Probleme immer mit Kelsa. Andere sind Kompatipler. delete zum 3 mal

  18. TheTrucker

    Do you have templates for the license plate, the lightbox or the main skin at all as .scs is password protected

    thanks in advance

  19. scaniaman

    hi sir i have a private scania mod and could you tell me the password for the rar because i would like it to work on it , thanks mate!

  20. I’m still getting lots of errors in the console for missing texture masks etc and the LED causes a crash. I have disabled all of my tuning mods and this still happens 🙁

  21. Thx for your mod.

    But plz, make a modular/standalone version to Kelsa bars without Scania or any else. Keep it modular.

    I use Mega Store by Kyto, Scania Textured by ComandoreOne and Scania by InsaneJerico in my profiles and I can’t “undo” update all Scania that be in my garages only to use your mod.

    your mod is preeety cool. you did a awesome job but how keep almost all happy? keeping modular and friendly with only bars.

    maybe, after is more simple do bars to others trucks. I hope you do if I can use with my previous mods.

    1. but i cant because i added new slot to scania model for beaconbar visorbar brakebar .

      1. thx for reply

        If I understand… do not persist in error, maybe can redo by other way.

        unhappyly I’m not a modder and maybe don’t understand somethings about mod, but is pretty good doing things that don’t affect others.

        Tunning acessories v3.5 for example: Its a cool mod but remove all acessories already installed and if you have many trucks with acessories will must re do everything. ###. its better don’t installing

  22. Keith Hecht

    This is great information. Thank you for publishing this.

  23. air horn problem is fixed and i upload mod again with no scs lock .

    1. Thanks, this will be great. do you know what the texture mask error in the console could be caused by?? and if so are they fixed in this new release


  24. thanky hamed30 when will aviable for download????

      1. Kostas V8

        HAmed please can we have the password to edit the lightbox ? its a shame its so nice and we cant put our company names.

  25. can you add a kelsa multibar and make it for all trucks

  26. Mak-kyver

    And if possible color by truck base color (painted bars not chrome 🙂 )


    Doesen’t work

  28. works perfectly with other tuning mods many thanks

  29. is it working on

    1. Dalnobojschik


  30. Dalnobojschik

    And for Volvo FH2013???

  31. Can we just have the bars separate please

  32. can you get this mod working for 1.9.22?!?!

  33. can you take the griffin off please so we can use skins

  34. Kostas V8

    Hi Hamed.Could i have the password in order to edit the Lightbox Sign ? Its for a private mod of me and the lightbox is the last part.Could you help me with that ?

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