Scania L6 Engine Sound


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This mod gives you an authentic Scania L6 Engine sound to your ETS2
It works with the following trucks:
Scania R (SCS)
Scania R & Stramlinemodifications vy RJL
Scania T mod by RJL
Scania 4 by punisher

This mod includes all new engine, brakes, horns, reverse sounds and a bit more!


MrTheFlashback,Paulnice, SCS


22 Responses to Scania L6 Engine Sound

  1. filip says:

    It gives crash after i click DRIVE button, clean profile, 1.22 version, Scania stock by scs

  2. ************FIXED VERSION HERE!!*******
    if admins could change the official link to this one it would be greatly appreciated!

    now it will work properly with all the mentioned trucks!

  3. KeeeKsEEE says:

    very nice sound! but unfortunately, the game crashes when I use the lift axle.

    • Ah still? ####, I thought I already and that fixed, well got to go back to see what is the issue.

      • KeeeKsEEE says:

        I had the old mod, not the revised version since I have not seen the link. let’s see if it works now

  4. GeoSyll says:

    Nice sound but It crashes the game.

  5. Joey says:

    What truck is that? It looks like RJL Scania with 4 series grille. Is it private or for download?

  6. Steven says:

    wow , a real sound that I ‘ve been looking for, but the game crashes . but a very good Job

    sorry for my bad english

  7. NEW FIXED VERSION IS ON IT’S WAY! Might take an hour or so when it’s uploaded here ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. aaaaaaand yet another fix was made.

    If after this it still causes crashes I’ll be damned!

    • NadoZz9 says:

      maybe the crashes were caused by the 4 series scania by punisher, that scania is great but also has tons of bugs, one of them that you can’t change the badge, it will be always 164L 480, that’s probably caused me some crashes when I tried to change to 440 or any other engine…

    • NadoZz9 says:

      and you still have to fix the engine brake xD I know how to do it, tell me if you want me to update it, you have to change the “motor_brake: .mbrake to engine_brake[]: .eb” and “sound_engine_data: .mbrake to sound_engine_data: .eb” in exterior.sii and interior.sii ๐Ÿ˜›

      • oh, ####. well I’ll get around fixing it later.

        • NadoZz9 says:

          your mod is good, i don’t know if it is asking too much but can you change the asphalt noises and suspesions to original sound? I barely hear the suspensions and the aslphalt noises, I tried removing them but no sucess, by using the common_data_int thing i don’t if that’s the correct name…

    • steven says:

      Yeah it works, great Sound, i love it.

  9. steven says:


  10. Mathias Hansen says:

    Hi mate.
    I have ets2 version 1.23
    But Is the sound “ONLY” for ets2 1.22

    when I star new profile, the game, with only your sound it crashes.

  11. Cata Vilceanu says:


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