Scania LS 110/111 [1.34.x]

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The new work of a famous author from Brazil is distinguished by an accurate 3d model, characteristics close to reality.
Their interiors for each model, the correct Brazilian (European other) dashboard of the 110th car, including the early white (in fact – painted with “molotkovoj” enamel).

Chassis 4×2 and 6×4,
Real 6 tbsp. box and unreal 12 st.
Two engines – 296 and 378 hp
Its a little interior tuning and appearance.
DLC Cabin is not supported.

Cables added
The archive has two files with an alternative sound.



3 thoughts on “Scania LS 110/111 [1.34.x]

  1. standalone ?

  2. Butiglia Trasporti

    4×2 chassis doesn’t work correctly…if you use that, steering doesn’t work…

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