Scania Mirror


*For Standard & UK interior
Author: Nikola Kostovski


5 Responses to Scania Mirror

  1. John says:

    Does it change the interior too?

  2. gts2013 says:

    Thx is something else 🙂
    @ John: Yes, the change of the Interior.

  3. Lavoin says:

    Oh man. I’ve been waiting for this for so long it’s not even funny. Great mod. Feels good to be able to see out the window now.

    • Kie says:

      Brilliant mod, makes a big difference. We need more stuff like this…

  4. Buligo says:

    In my game when installed it doesn’t touch teh interior (modded) just gets rid of the useless lil lleft side small mirror. thanks, Nikola 🙂

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