Scania Mods v.1.1.2


CHANGELOG FROM 1.1.1 to 1.1.2

– Prices, names and unlocks changed.
– Templates resized.

SCS, RJL, GT-Mike, powerkasi (alias J.Snow)


6 thoughts on “Scania Mods v.1.1.2

  1. Mr Anthony

    Video demonstration:

    – Anthony.

  2. Hi powerkasi and you others i have one question. I have downloaded the mod Scania Mods v.1.1.2 and Scania RS modifications but the sideskirt V8 logo wont show up on the options on the sideskirt option. Any suggestions?

    Game: 1.23. Website: Steam

  3. I love your mod mate, but here are some things that I really would love to see fixed:

    1) I have no decent place to put the strobes, on the \no bumper 2\ thing the middle ones only shine too the ground and all the other spots can’t be seen. You can’t put these on the V8Kblaine bullbar (which I would love, because I use Nekromancer mod on RJL) but also the grill slots that are added by your mod, do not allow you to add these to it either, not the mirror slots and so on.. (Bullbar I would love to use your strobes on:

    So I end up with not using your strobes (while I do want to use them)

    2) I’m using the Trux roof bar, but it seems to be 1CM off of my truck (floating), so are the beacons.

    3) Would love to see those torpedo lights in yellow or red too, but most of all that they could be in the painted color or black also.

    4) Would love to put beacons next to the fancy lightbox. (also, can and where do I edit it (i’ll find out anyway)

    5) The other lightbox (internal one) Is a touch to high. ( )

    I Hope you’ll add the mod to steam workshop some time too, So I can keep enjoying your work when you update it.

    Regards, Ata5ll

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