Scania Pearlescent skin


Skin created by request. Tested 1.4.1

Author: viniskin


7 thoughts on “Scania Pearlescent skin

  1. TruckerGuy135

    hey don’t upload to a site where you need to register, ######

    1. Rebeldawg

      What’s so hard about registering for a site? I thought about stooping to your intelligence level and calling you a name just for being an immature #### but I doubt anyone could reach that low of a level.

    2. this site is reliable

  2. this site is reliable

  3. Hi, thanks before you’ve decided to made my silly request before
    I dont meant to be serious that time. But TYVery Much

  4. steve silent

    well i wont be downloading… reason because of the download site.. these sites have your details and sell them on.. this is how they make money..

    1. 4shared is known for years and i been using it for ages and never had problems with it, either to download stuff or to upload my stuff and share it among other people. registration is free and it doesnt ask you for any personal information, just e-mail and username.

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