Scania R Rantrans Skin

Scania-R-Rantrans-Skin-1 Scania-R-Rantrans-Skin-2

Rantrans Skin for Scania R Truck

Author: Ghass72


13 thoughts on “Scania R Rantrans Skin

  1. Please make it for streamline to?

  2. Really very nice!!!!!!

  3. Were found the wheels

  4. K-whopper

    wheels look cool can u release to the public???

  5. for the ones who wants the wheels type (lewiss) in the search area here on also here is the direct link:

  6. Rantrans Trailers please

  7. Haha dude it’s not Rantrans but Xantrans xp
    It’s a belgian trucking company

    1. its no company its just 1 guy alain who drives that truck 1 man company

  8. Thanx freak I will keep (R) mine & (X) for belgian

  9. can you pleas sneepels skin for scania r2009?? Please….

  10. ok Marcus i will ASAP

  11. good gob mate i know the owner of that truck 😉

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