Scania R reworked ver 3.0 FINAL


-New led lights ( with reflection )
-New led lights on spoiler
-New led on Mirrors
-Ceusters skin added
-Wedder skin added
-And some changes from previous version


Copy all files into MOD folder. Thats it!


Petrik ( Waeco CLIMA, file is LOCKED, only some adjustment in LCLIMA mod by me. )


Red Flare Spoiler is separate lights made by me, without it you want be able to use lights on spoiler of a truck.

Second, if you want to use Ceusters skin, FULL CEUSTERS, there is two folders in Scania mod. AUTOMAT and AUTOMAT CEUSTERS. Just rename that second one into “AUTOMAT” and first one rename into “AUTOMAT NORMAL” for example just to know what is what when needed. SCANIA TRAFFIC OUT.scs mod is needed only if you dont want traffic Scanias to have Ceusters mask.\

Also in zzzScania.scs\vehicle\truck\scania_rcab_2009 there is 3 color textures, “color” is now in use. Other two are for Ceusters and FULL repaint. Rename those textures into “color” when using CEUSTERS or FULL REAPINT. FULL REPAINT is now active by default.

zLIGHTS fix HALOGEN ver2.scs is mod with coplete new flare effect and lights.


16 thoughts on “Scania R reworked ver 3.0 FINAL

  1. Freddy Jimmink

    Make it simpeler so that we can understand!



  2. andels123


    Lorry is spotted

  3. Working good, but where can i get this “OLDENBURGER” tab? ant find it in this mod.

  4. Markus Srihardi

    Don’t work, why my game stopped when i want to drive it, i’ve removed all other mods still crashing.

  5. Can it be used on all trucks? Or it only can be used on scania?

    1. Mod-Loller


  6. the mod is perfect but speed limiter mod dosnt work 🙁

  7. cant get it to work! only the mirror lights, but if i take away all thhe oter mods i get a black truck whit all the lights and the bumper. but then if i try to go to the paint shop ore the carage the game stopps! version 3.0.1…

  8. …great work…love it…

  9. How do i get light there were the name is ????

  10. Doesn’t work with other truck skins properly… grill goes black regardless which colour dds I use…

  11. Hey, is it possible to just keep the small orange lights and the red back lights for the truck?

  12. The grill is always white, on every truck?
    What do i have to do?

  13. Kromosoom

    I hope Dallyborr sees my comment or if anyone has his e-mail, send him my message 🙂
    As I understand, it’s FINAL, but I found a little bug.
    If I choose 6×2, then I can see fuel tank from driver side, but other side is normal.

  14. Weirdperson

    does it work with 1.5.2 :)?

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