Scania R-S Adons v 2.0

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-Added new Ext İnterior
-Added 4×2 lowdeck
-Added front bumber light
-Added front botomgrill
-Added front mudflap
-Added front grill&Light
-Added new sunvisor
-Added light bar
-Added doortrim
-Added window trim
-Added rear bumper
-Added chasis cover&Light
-Added Bulbar & paint
-Added Lobar&Paint
-Added Front Fender
-Added Rear Fender
-Added Lightbar
-Added crom headlights
-Added smoke exhaust
Tested 1.30x
Enjoy the mod!

you DON’T have the permission to upload it somewhere else.
Thank you
To be continued…



27 thoughts on “Scania R-S Adons v 2.0


  2. Cosmin_ro

    Do it work’s with RJL Scania R?

    1. GrandEts2

      Scania R-S Adons v 2.0 Yes R !

      1. Cosmin_ro

        Nice, thank’s a lot!

        1. Did you need any other mods with this to have it work?

  3. scaniatrucker73

    Would have been nice to mention in the decription you need the cabin accessories DLC for this to work.

  4. Mod+funktioniert+nicht+…+lvl.1.30.

  5. BluestormG

    Where is the file SCI ?

  6. Hello+brother,+I+love+the+mod,+but+I+want+to+put+the+default+interior,+how+can+I+do?

    1. Hi! You must delete 2 files and you have the standard interieur.

      open the .zip file
      and delete the interieur folder vehicle/truck/scania_2016

      and delete ext.interieur under vehicle/truck/upgrade

  7. That movement of the cabin is just ######. Even when the truck is standing still the cabin is moving like crazy, not realistic. You are going on the highway on asphalt with smoth roads not dirt on the country roads. It’s nice with all those accesories but that sim move inside the cabin is pointless.

    1. I think, you have a Physic-Mod, which works not good.
      Everything works very well and normal.
      This Mod does not contain anything with physical Options.

  8. iTzSplashed

    HD/60fps Video:

    Great mod 🙂

  9. where is the scs file?

    1. Put the zip in your Mods and activate in the Game. That´s it… 🙂

      1. Where do we put it exactly to get it to show in the mods list so we can activate it?

  10. sa fonctionne avec un camion stremline normal ?

  11. salut

    melissa in the dlc cabin accessory does not work
    it’s a super mod

  12. como lo instalo no aparece el archivo scs

  13. S0repr0mt

    can you do a new version for 1.31 with the cables

    1. Yes, would be nice to make a Update with Cables
      for 1.31.xx 🙂

  14. Wie bekomme ich das hin dass das bei mir geht???…
    Ich habe es entpackt bekomme es aber nicht als SCS Datei hin könnt ihr mir das mal erklären wie das funktioniert??? Danke

    1. Einfach die zip in den Modordner und dann im Mod Manager aktivieren. Das ist alles. 😉

  15. hate the interior wish it was able to be changed from the horried brown

    1. Look to the Reply Ben, he gives the Answer, what to do.

  16. Can u plz update to 1.33? love this mod!!

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