Scania R Topline Furry skin


Its my first mod.
Pls dont hate.



5 thoughts on “Scania R Topline Furry skin

  1. Do you know how many dark truck is already?
    Already in the summer and the palm trees are green. You know that Adam’s family?
    Thank’s your work.

  2. Ryo TheTiger

    Really? you want no hate? but calling the DL link “Yiff”? sorry, but you deserve hate FROM a Furry!

  3. Viraax The Wolf

    Could you please do this skin for the volvo VNL 780 please

  4. @Ryo TheTiger you are so wrong yet so correct

  5. CuzImMark

    Hello! Since it’s so old can you make a new Cute one :3 thanks! i Prefer MAN TGX Euro 5 by MADster

    Thanks! :3 UwU

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