Scania R + Trailer + Addon Hindelang Spedition


Minicool Climate: Maxx2504
Wheels: Ventyres
Hindelang Skin: MrGermanTruck
Hindealng Logo Copyright by buchstaben&mehr GmbH & Hindelang
Scania Truck: 50k, Dallybor, Kamaz
Addons: 50keda

Have Fun 🙂
Greetz MrGermanTruck

test on Version
The turn signals on the trailer have been revised !!!


5 thoughts on “Scania R + Trailer + Addon Hindelang Spedition

  1. Andy Atkinson

    Looks good, does the trailer replace anything?

  2. Very nice!it will be nice to make this for iveco!THX!

  3. The truck and the trailer are very good models , but the trailer has a terrible colision box. i can’t go over a bump because the colision box in to low !!!
    Authors , please fix this soon !

  4. DeineMudda

    i cant see the trailer 🙁

    Der Trailer erscheint bei mir nicht, ersetzt der wasß


    work with ets 2 V 1.11.X or no

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