Scania R420


YouTube preview

Truck with Interior and Wheels
for Game Version 1.12

Maciek143m, Anaheim & Poland


7 Responses to Scania R420

  1. simoschmitz says:

    Nice dude 😉 but what is name of the trailer in this picture? Or give me a link

  2. Sarkissian says:

    It is NOT standalone!!!!

  3. duda says:

    fog lights! but not standalone :(((

  4. Wilkuu says:

    Jestem autorem tej modyfikacji więc proszę mnie dopisać do @Credits

  5. Wilkuu says:

    If you are placing something that can read the entire contents of fasting? Clearly written “can be where you want to just copy the content of the post.” And let me add the following to Creditsów also because I modified this Scania. Trailer is private!

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