Scania R420


Scania R420 truck.
Compatible with 1.24.x and olders.
Good quality!
It has some bugs, but you can fix it, when you want.

Hubek W, balika88


20 Responses to Scania R420

  1. Steve says:

    If it has bugs then don’t upload it! Upload only when it’s finished we don’t need more crap we already have enough here!!!

    • balika88 says:

      Okey, bye.

      • Steve says:

        Bye!? Your’e a moron. You should stop making your #### and do something useful with your life.

        • balika88 says:

          Can you create a truck?! When not, then s***t the f**k up.

          • Anon says:

            Why not fix it yourself? You created the truck, therefore, this is your problem. Otherwise, expect it to get reported and removed if you outright refuse to iron out the bugs and being an ### to other people.

          • balika88 says:

            Anon kúrd seggbe anyádat…

  2. filip says:

    “”It has some bugs, but you can fix it, when you want.””
    Are you even serious?

  3. holland_style says:

    Another piece of #### from balika88. Stop uplad trucks with bugs.

  4. vaolor says:

    Have you downloaded it? Tested? If not, don’t write that comments.
    Author share with you with his, maybe hard, work so don’t be picky.

  5. javadmo says:

    ریدی داش ، بای

  6. James Bakker says:

    Everyone can complain,
    But, not everybody can create.


  7. andy says:

    1.4 MB 😀 😀

  8. javadmo says:

    کیرم دهنت با این مد زدنت!
    این چی بود کصکش پدر؟؟؟؟
    این اسکانیا 120 هم نبود چ برسه 420

  9. Anon says:

    And thus, reported for making snide comments to others. Unless you can save your bugged mod from being deleted, you get to sit back and watch it disappear.

  10. balika88 says:

    Next week I make a v2.0 of a mod and a try to fix the bugs!

  11. Mikael79 says:

    Oh s***t

  12. JustKYS says:

    This model is rip off from other mod
    That’s why he doesn’t know how to fix the bugs

  13. AlexO321 says:

    1.4MB? Is fake? Oh,men what a author. Maybe i will make a new truck istead of this,,,,

  14. RomanianTrucker says:

    Hi Balika88 wheres the viatoll from and could you make a viatoll mod

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