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– Sandalone
– Wheel
– Interior
– Open Pipes Sound
– Work on 1.26 game version
– Bugs fixes

v2.5 Changelog:
– Remade chassis and wheels position
– Made all workshop icons
– Made interior standalone

v2.6 Changelog:
– Added DLC Cabin Accessories
– Adapted 1.23.х

v2.7 Changelog:
– Adapted 1.24.x
– Interior Light
– rework Texture

v2.8 Changelog:
– Adapted 1.25.x
– Advanced coupling
– Mod manager ready

v2.9 Changelog
– Adapted 1.26.x
– Add missing wheel
– Fixed shadow
– Fixed When u go to select dealer in menu, the game crash

Andrey M. I Tomas, Matgamer, _69_mf_, Skinmasta, ZY Express(LH_Trucker)


17 thoughts on “SCANIA R620 BRING V2.9

  1. files are the old mod 04/16/2016

  2. I recommend to use with my amendment on animations for Scania

  3. Mr.GermanTruck

    Test Video…

  4. HD Test Video 1.26

    1. package_version: “2.8”

  5. pleas make a pack for paintebel wheels if pausible?

  6. MARIO1973

    This truck does not exist, it’s a ghost mod. I have tried with all its versions and none to work, as it is not either.
    I’ve tried it four times even putting the mod of the truck alone without anything else and as soon as you pass through the dealership scania the game stops and takes you to the desk. A pity, someday it might work.

  7. Thanks

    Edit: Can fix original curtain 3.image ?

  8. extracted the archive?
    I ask because I tested this Scania from this link

  9. MARIO1973

    Yes, I’ve unpacked the mod well, I’ve even looked it up on another ETS 2 mods page and downloaded it from there, but with the same result.
    It’s a ghost mod, no version works, I’ve tried it again and with the same result.

    1. nektarios

      do you search it in mod manager’s category? because it has category of trucks,trailers,sounds,etc

    2. sounds like a mod conflict what other scania mods do u use

  10. Uploader – mods_ats. Fake 100%.

  11. mod works on 100% of this video is downloadable

  12. MARIO1973

    Good morning. No no no and a thousand times no. It does not work, it does not exist, it’s a ghost mod. I have downloaded it once again, correctly, I have installed it and I have created a new character, only, I repeat, I have just put the mod of the R620 (ghost) Scania I have chosen the city of Hanover that has Scania dealer and as soon as you pass along To the dealer with a truck the game stops and sends you to the desktop. Maybe in another country, Germany, Poland, Russia, this mod works, to me in Spain I do not work whatever I do.
    I leave it by impossible and I am left with the mod (Scania R SCS Tuning Bèta 2 by Zeeuwse Trucker) which is the best I have ever seen in the ETS 2 for Scania and I will make my 620 Bring on my own.
    With all this I do not want to offend the creator of this mod, since I know they are difficult to do and take their timepo. It’s just that it does not work for me.
    Greetings to all.

    1. definetly someting on ur end a corrupted download or something i have 17 scania truck mods including this one and works plus diablo and Mr.GermanTruck videos as prof that mod works hope u solve the problem greets

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