Scania r700 new AU44 (1.23.x)


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Scania r700 new AU44
Standalone, dealer Scania
– His flaerpak,
– Full range of engines,
– Removable grilles
– Also there is an upgrade,
– 10 Chassis options
– His salon.
– DLC also adds support for “Cabin Accessories”
– His light bulbs, features, license plate, spoiler and more.
Only – 1.23.x

serega2012, Au44, анатолий7469


31 Responses to Scania r700 new AU44 (1.23.x)

  1. Danijel says:

    I’m thrown out of the game

  2. Midnigt says:

    Do not mislead people !!!!! Great work !!! Only 1.23.х!!!
    Turn off all his bunch of mods – and not ebite people head !!!

    Screenshot: test

  3. TEDDY Bär 1-4 says:

    Warning !!! Truck crashed ETS2 Game

    The other Version is Beta and not officials.

  4. Ron says:

    Any no steam vehicle ?

  5. Ron says:

    crash 🙁
    So much for steam

    • Piratxxx11 says:

      Crash?? Problem in YOUR PC, not this mod, mod work fine….

      • kent76 says:

        Not only 1 person said it crashes the game, it works fine on your PC but it DOES NOT work on our computers. Whatever the problem is,whatever you believe it or not, we are telling the truth!

      • kent76 says:

        I do removed all the mods and it IS 1.23 beta version, so it’s not your business then go away, play with your perfect truck and leave us alone to hope that the auther could fix something.

  6. Hobbytrucker says:

    a little bit changed 😀

  7. radsan says:

    It was 1:23 mod patch, other patches do not try, it will not work.

  8. Jon c says:

    crashes game

  9. lordmodets2 says:

    It looks cool but … if you do not get that decal front windshield, not waste my time testing …

  10. lordmodets2 says:

    the great and excellent scania rjl, although not yet have the patch 1:23 still working very well, should be a model for the new trucks ..

  11. Renato says:

    This truck is even uglier than Scania T!

  12. 月子 says:

    waiting for version 1.22.x

  13. Tony Sncxx says:

    low deck please. Very good job.

  14. Andyloekie says:

    Great work

    I’m going to wait for the real 1.23 patch en than install this mod
    keep up the good work

  15. Dado-J says:

    New Scania !? And the old dashboard …. Something is not right.

  16. Brian Yeom says:

    I tried to use this mod in 1.23 public beta version. But it crashes the game when I use 10×8 chassis. When I use the other chassises, it doesn’t crashes game but not in only 10×8 chassis. I really want to use 10×8. How can I do???

  17. Adrian says:


  18. arial ets says:

    esse mod serve pra versão 1.24 ?

  19. TotoRenault28 says:

    Working only on the 1.23 version. What a shame ;(
    Very good truck, beautiful interior.
    It must be updated to the lasted version !

  20. Atki62 says:

    it also works fine on 1.25 :))

  21. Marcus Watts says:

    morning the truck is fantastic the only thing im looking for is a v8 open pipe sound mod for it any chance of finding me one or add it in to the next update?

  22. Fendy says:

    Not work..jika digabung dengan mod rjl 1.5 didealer tidak muncul mobilnya.namun jika rjl modnya di non aktifkan baru mod ini bisa bekerja.

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