Scania RJL Ronny Ceusters Skin

Ronny-Ceusters-1 Ronny-Ceusters-2

Tested version 1.22.x
The lightbox is included

* Respect the dowload link *

Authors: RJL, Fred_be


5 thoughts on “Scania RJL Ronny Ceusters Skin

  1. Nice skin! Can you adapt it so that it looks good with the 5-series grill? Thanks a lot for sharing 🙂

  2. Nice! Fred_be ???

  3. SteelCowboy

    Thanks for the lightbox been looking for that everywhere but if i may correct the light inside the lightbox should have a green glow like in this awesome video:
    And could you please make it work for the other roof options too ?
    Greeting from a Belgian TruckManiac.

  4. Nice? Really?
    1. It’s not R.Ceusters skin, It’s a bad copy. Images and other parts are wrong.
    2. Quality is sh it. Sorry. It’s upscaled from 2k or maybe 1k.
    3. File has unnecessary lightbox pmg files.Yeah unnecessary.

    Are you really fred_be? It’s the worst skin that you made.
    Shame on you. Putting some 100×100 images on a copied/stolen from year 2001 skin is not skinning!!!

  5. Billy Maulana

    Nice mod… But low resolution… Can yoi make it high resolution ???

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