Scania RJL Transports Autaa (France) Skin

Transports-Autaa-1 Transports-Autaa-2 Transports-Autaa-3

This is a real life French haulier skin. Lightbox included in a separate link. Download and enjoy! Please don’t reupload but share the same links. Thanks for your understanding.

Author: ryaskins

DOWNLOAD 9 MB Lightbox

6 thoughts on “Scania RJL Transports Autaa (France) Skin

  1. Friend is right here in writing description
    the authors of the lightbox
    so everyone can read

  2. Do you know the author of the lightbox, zoso? If you know, share his name here, friend.

    1. Ciao ryaskins, you are correct person I saw you left the file manager with the original credits, these are the authors: Powerkasi – Fred_be
      but it is fair to write them in description otherwise disappear modders.
      Do not get mad friend.?

      1. Do not get angry for my comment
        I’m sorry but I do not speak English

  3. I forgot to add their names. I will add them in the future. Thanks for the heads up my friend. 🙂

    1. Hey, can u tell me the name of the yellow and purple grill light there?

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