Scania RS (RJL) Blue Custom Skin Combo Pack + Accessory

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Scania Blue Custom Skin for Scania RS(RJL) Truck and Shumitz Trailer+Accessory

Scania Rjl MOD version for V2.2.1
Tested game version

– Lightbox
– Wheel

Recommended mods
Scania RS Addons v 1.1.4 By powerkasi

Base Trailer
Schmitz Cargobull S.KO 4 axles Reefer Trailer v 1.1

-SCS Software
-Truck: Rjl
-Trailer: Roadhunter, Königszapfen, Steini
-Lightbox: maxx2504
-Wheel: abasstreppas



8 Responses to Scania RS (RJL) Blue Custom Skin Combo Pack + Accessory

  1. Mr.Bingo says:

    Excellent you paki,you have a website to see your work?

  2. Tomas89 says:

    İnterior link please 🙁

  3. wegger says:

    Great job!

  4. Alberto Vasquez says:

    Link of window stickers and windshield please

  5. emrik says:

    link for the sunshield please

  6. 7367Network says:

    Looks sleek

  7. AS5451N says:

    My lightbox hasnt a texture and i cant buy the paintjob. ;-;

  8. RoninAriciul says:

    your tunning pls

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