Scania S 2016 SCS Vogel Custom Skin

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Custom skin Vogel for track Scania S 2016 SCS
Tested in game version 1.30
Recommended mods
50k addons
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Scania Next Gen Mirror Full Paint
Scania Next Gen Window paint
The Executive Lightbox

Please dont re-apload without the author’s link
Author skins Bayun4ik



5 thoughts on “Scania S 2016 SCS Vogel Custom Skin

  1. Another great creation of yours, to try it immediately, thank you for your work.

    1. I hope that my work will bring you more pleasure from the game 🙂

  2. Bayun4ik your last two skins for the new Scanias are really great. Do you have plans to do them for tandem?

    1. Thanks for your feedback 🙂 Creating skins is my hobby, which I do in my spare time and share with the community. Of course, I will still do skins, including for tandems, but I can not say that I have plans 🙂 It depends on the mood and inspiration 🙂

  3. Rini66Arkel

    This one looks beautiful on my next gen

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