Scania S 2016 SCS Vogel Skin

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Skin Vogel for track Scania S 2016 SCS
Tested in game version 1.30
Recommended mods
50k addons
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Scania Next Gen Mirror Full Paint
Scania Next Gen Window paint
The Executive Lightbox

Please dont re-apload without the author’s link
Author skins Bayun4ik



13 thoughts on “Scania S 2016 SCS Vogel Skin

  1. Thank you,you skins are amazin i have a request can you please make a skin Transalliance for the Scania S 2016.its was perfect.

    1. Thanks, I’ll try to make a skin for a tandem 🙂

      1. Tandem skin would be amazing!

  2. Lovely skin !!
    myself just getting familiar with the new paintsystem
    so this is colourful skin, to see how things are done

  3. Driverstein

    wow…what a with it:

    Thank you!

  4. Rob Wilson

    Fantastic skin, thank you.

  5. Wunderbar arbeit! Danke! 😉

  6. Matzeeeee

    The Name of the Company is VÖGEL, not Vogel 🙂

    1. You are wrong . The name of the company is spelled correctly, I advise you to go to the site of this company and make sure 🙂

    2. I can not type the letter “o” correctly, because I have an English keyboard layout.

  7. Friends, thank you all for the good feedback and appreciation of my work. Special thanks for the good video 🙂 I wish everyone a pleasant game 🙂

  8. hallo+funktioniert+der+Skin+nur+bei+der+s+version?+Gruss

  9. very good

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