Scania S Peda Lines

ETS2 ~ Peda Lines ~ [1.33] ~ Kerstens Modding
This skin was made by our skinner, DavyBerto Customs.

DavyBerto Customs, official skinner, made this mod. Sharing this mod is allowed. The only obligation however is to keep the original download link

Sharing this mod is allowed. The only obligation however is to keep this page as original download link!!

For support, everyone is welcome in our Discord community. This is where we can help you with all kinds of issues with our work

DavyBerto, Kerstens Modding


7 thoughts on “Scania S Peda Lines

  1. Mohamed El


  2. what are you doing DavyBerto ? please tell us do you wanna make crayz zoso completely

    Very good job brother thanks share with us

  3. Donkey I context the skin edited by other authors, if I do not know no comment, first speak badly Kerstens, now that you agree the works are beautiful poor deluded.
    Why do the modders disappear from me? go read on the JI’smods website what he says.
    This comment also applies to the other donkey that will write.
    If you want war! war will be.

    1. Donkey number 2 here, I got bored, go as you please.

    2. LoL what are u saying 🙂 i am not like u badchild i wont use word as u 🙂 . Tell us please and be honest ! Davyberto ‘s jobs are making u crayz ? Right you wanna be like that but you know ur self “never you can be with him and never good a job” LoL War? Whats War i have rule i am not doing any War with small little boys:) i War who is best skinner and knowing play ets2

  4. I would very much like to meet you in person so as not to bore you anymore.
    Behind the keyboard you are phenomena.

  5. Skin was maked for me. Im working on Pedalines truck model! U can see it in Ets2 Skinshowcase group.

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