Scania S580 Performance Edition Skin


This is just a simple skin for the Scania S Series.

I recommend using Rizal’s version:

GangsteR Truck Skins

GangsteR Truck Skins


4 Responses to Scania S580 Performance Edition Skin

  1. L'Flo05 says:

    ###? New Scania on Performance Editio, ###?!
    ### it’s only volvo …

  2. Harald-RS says:

    Can you add a decals for this skin.

    I have made a Decals Lightbox for this Truck.

  3. Ryan says:

    Why? Just why?
    Why would you put a Volvo skin on a Scania?
    At least remove the test in the black strippes and the Performance title.

  4. Fuzzee says:

    You such of ##### write Scania performance edition and check pictures

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