Scania S730 H.I. Giørtz

H.I. Giørtz skin for Scania S730 by HomerS, tested on 1.27

Please use original links when reupload!

HomerS, badmanever


7 thoughts on “Scania S730 H.I. Giørtz

  1. Hi Guys

    Please make some Danish Company Skins for this nice truck 🙂

    1. Biggey Smalley

      This is only a skin, not the truck.

  2. Please don’t make skins for this truck

    1. Why???

      1. Paulicek1

        Because HomerS is an autor this truck! Someone shared his V.I.P. truck for public :/

  3. Link for the Truck please??

  4. ohh i need this truck mod for 🙁 very bad website

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